Nobody' Music Video by Owen Lamont

Nominated for Best Music Video

Directed by Matt Layfield

6' • United Kingdom • 2020


A team of Teesside University animation students worked remotely during the lockdown to create a music video to accompany the latest release from Belfast musician Owen Lamont. Owen, whose track Nobody was released in October 2021 said: “It has been an incredible experience, driven so well by the student team. I received a grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and was keen to create an animated video for release alongside the single. I was involved in the process right from the beginning and was amazed at the talent of everyone involved. I think they’ve captured the look and feel perfectly, and I’m delighted with the final video. These folks clearly have a bright future ahead of them.” The student team was led by director Matt Layfield, with storyboard artist and animator Sharan Selveratnam, animator Holly Irving, along with Arran Bull and Joe Punton, as rotoscope artists. The team was mentored by Justin Greetham, Senior Lecturer in Visualisation in the University’s School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies. To watch the final animation together with the behind the scenes videos visit -